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Candidate Hired in Marlborough, MA

Aurai Smart Home Innovation

Aurai is an industry-leading innovative home technology company that allows families to live better while reversing the effects of climate change. Aurai and its partners Absolutely Cool Air Conditioning, Babione’s AC & Heating, Airflow Services, Bourque Heating & Cooling, Cazeault Solar and Home, and Designed Temperatures, utilize decarbonization, electrification, and energy efficiency. Homeowners receive a full-stack solution to monitor their energy usage, reduce their carbon emissions, and optimize their utility savings. Our mission is to achieve zero-carbon homes.

Solar Panels at Home in Marlborough, MA

Modernizing Home Heating & Cooling

Aurai has partnered with several leading green-energy home service providers to work towards providing homes with cleaner energy alternatives. We are working towards fighting the climate crisis by working with these companies to modernize home heating and cooling with energy-efficient HVAC systems, solar energy, roofing, and electric vehicle charging.

Working With Our Clean Energy Partners

Our energy-efficient partners are looking for passionate employees looking to grow in the field of innovative technology. Our partners offer various services, from clean energy HVAC solutions to solar energy solutions for homes and businesses. If you want to work for leading, green companies that care about the environment and their communities, working as an Aurai partner will be the right choice for you !

Our Industry-leading Partners

Our industry-leading partners include Absolutely Cool Air Conditioning, Babione’s AC & Heating, Airflow Services, Bourque Heating & Cooling, Cazeault Solar and Home, and Designed Temperatures. All of our partners support decarbonization and electrification, and they work daily to positively impact the environment and the lives of the communities they serve. The talent, passion, and skill our partner companies encompass are unmatched.

The Benefits of working with our Best-in-Class Partners

Our premier, energy-efficient partner companies offer competitive salaries, comfortable benefits, and a wide range of industry knowledge to aid you in honing your skills. Working with an innovative company provides you with the ability to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. You can finish your workday feeling rewarded that your job makes an impact.

A Career You Can Evolve In

Working with our innovative and advanced partners allows you to grow with us in the world of innovative, energy-efficient technology. We understand that quality service is directly correlated to quality people. That is why we strive to work with the best in the industry to provide maximum value for our companies and the communities we serve.

What You Can Expect from Our Innovative Work Environments

Our partners offer fast-paced, creative environments where their employees can learn and thrive. They offer excellent work-life balance and are diverse and inclusive. Our industry is still relatively new and very dynamic, and it provides opportunities to work alongside industry leaders and be challenged and excited every day!

Why You Should Choose an Aurai Partner for Your Career

Choosing to start a career with one of our collaborative Aurai partner companies provides you endless opportunities to learn new skills. Working with an energy-efficient company is a sustainable and profitable career sector to be a part of. You will help eliminate the future risks associated with remaining dependent on harmful and depleting fossil fuels.

Start Your Next Chapter with a Rewarding Career

Here is your opportunity to do something big! Join one of Aurai’s comprehensive, engaging partner companies to contribute thriving and sustainable resources to the individuals in your community. Challenge yourself today by pursuing a new career in sustainable, renewable energy! Contact us for more information on how to join one of our incredible partner companies!

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