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Accelerating Transition to an All-Electric and Zero Carbon Future

The Aurai Solution – Decarbonization, Electrification, Energy Efficiency

Our primary mission is to reverse the adverse effects of climate change by owning, developing, and operating the world’s largest network of electro-mechanical assets. Our DE2 solutions provide advanced connectivity and real-time equipment monitoring to help promote a future powered primarily by clean, renewable energy.

The Solution for a More Sustainable Future

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Aurai has partnered with many leading service providers in HVAC systems, roofing, solar energy, battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and much more. Aurai’s innovative technology and DE2 solutions are designed to reduce our overall environmental impact and advance our progression toward achieving zero-carbon emissions. Learn more about how you can make your home or business smarter, more energy-efficient, and better prepared for the future with Aurai technology.



2 Mount Royal Avenue, Suite 550
Marlborough, MA 01752